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about yCent

Presented by nCent Labs

yCent is an nCent Labs initiative to encourage aspiring companies to come work on our platform! We provide the support you need to build on our platform.

Request for Startups

Are You Ready to be Inspired?

Check out our Request for Startups for some great ideas to get you off to the right start.


Ready to Show Off your Work?

If you've built something you're proud of, simply submit a merge request to our GitHub so we can showcase your creativity!

Support and Mentorship

The yCent community provides financial and industry support to help leaders develop their applications on the nCent platform.

Investor Introductions

yCent provides entrepreneurial leaders access to our influential pool of investors.

Operations Assistance

yCent is set up with a recruiting and consulting team to meet management needs to help you scale quickly and effectively.

Free Office Space and Amenities / Food

Share in our community office. yCent is set up to be in close contact with the nCent Core Team as well as provides entrepreneurs with a comfortable place to build, and be well fed!

Reading Circle

Share in a community of bright researchers and entrepreneurs forging ahead in the field of incentive markets.