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About jobCent

jobCent is the nCent Labs incentive protocol that incentivizes people to find a potential candidate to join the nCent Labs workspace. jobCent encourages people to refer the most qualified candidates by rewarding
everyone involved in referral upon the hire of a candidate. It's a win-win situation: better candidates, faster hires, and bonuses for those who take part in finding our ideal employee.

How it Works

An example referral chain with jobCent.

  • Startup Co.

    The Sponsor

    Startup Co. is eager to hire 10 software developers. Startup Co. buys NCNT and stamps them to create 100 jobCents. They distribute the jobCents to the most promising CS majors at Dev University.

  • Alice

    President of Dev U Computer Club

    Alice recieves a jobCent from Startup Co. She can apply for the job and if she is hired recieve a 10k NCNT signing bonus. However, she has already committed to working at FacePamphlet Inc. so she sends the jobCent to Bob instead.

  • Bob

    Alice's Hardworking Peer

    Bob wants to take a gap year after graduating, so he chooses not to apply for the job. However, he knows Carol is still looking for a job and that she would fit well with this company. He sends the jobCent to Carol.

  • Carol

    Bob's CS Partner

    Upon receiving the jobCent Carol applies for the job. She must keep her jobCent during the application process if she wants to receive a bonus upon hire. After several interviews, Startup Co. decides that Carol would be a great addition to their team. When Carol gets hired, she receives the 10k NCNT signing bonus. For referring Carol, Bob gets 5k, half of Carol's signing bonus. Alice gets 2.5k, half of Bob's reward, for helping to find the hired candidate.

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