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Principal Developers

KK Jain, Founder
Dr. Rajeev Surati
Prof. David Mazieres

Senior Developers

Mike Barile
Arya Soltanieh
Adam Foosaner

Strategic Advisors

Naval Ravikant
Justin Kan
Steve Jurvetson

Scientific Advisors

Prof. Dan Boneh
Prof. Jure Leskovec
Dr. Adam Coates

Introducing nCent...

nCent is a decentralized protocol for incentive markets that rewards people for solving hard problems together. We are launching a novel base layer protocol that is optimized to create and run incentive programs efficiently at scale. Our network tokens, called NCNT, efficiently track the provenance (or referral) chain of a user and provide the exchange mechanism for correct payouts.

Value Attribution Creates Incentives for Markets to Form

We all know valuable information about each other -- our skills, interests, and capabilities. The internet has connected us but has only scratched the surface of unlocking our common potential. The "trusted" actors, who have the eyeballs, deep pockets and data to help us coordinate, have missed the mark. Their incentives diverge from our best interests, while our trust in them rapidly fades. What is missing is a protocol that fairly tracks and recognizes our contributions in a secure and trustless way. While this seems like mundane accounting, value attribution at scale is the key missing link for incentivizing people, which we believe is the best way to organize human work at scale. Once incentives are created, market forces can then enter into broken sectors of the economy and ossified firms, efficiently unleashing our common potential.

A New Blockchain for a New Paradigm

nCent is a new blockchain that tracks the value users contribute to an incentive program. Inspired by the MIT solution to DARPA's red balloon challenge, nCent further offers: Anyone can audit transactions in the ledger and verify that the protocol properly allocates rewards. The ledger reveals useful incentive market behaviors while preserving user pseudonymity. Our blockchain is secured at scale by a web of trust derived from Federated Byzantine Agreement. Anyone can run a validator node, and incentive market sponsors in particualar have a protocol-level vested interest in doing so. Users don't need to trust each other or a third party, permitting incentive markets to exist at a larger scale than previously possible under a centralized system, much like the internet. Furthermore, a user can derive value from different parties that are not themselves in a trust relationship through a distributed incentive marketplace.

The Road Ahead...

Go-to Market Applications

Acquire More Customers

Run a promotional campaign by creating tokens and seeding them to potential customers. Participants receive a discount when making purchases with redeemed tokens, and their referrals can also be rewarded. Viral communities, like professional sports, events and celebrities, and loved consumer brands are the initial focus.

Recruit the Ideal Employee

Hiring managers and firms with limited recruiting bandwidth but high need, like startups, can spirit a community to help them hire in-demand employees.

Find Bugs

Incentivize communities of developers to find bugs in open source code. Bug bounties are an untapped use case for smart rewards programs.

Our Favorite Application the one that YOU build! We are an API and SDK first company actively working with and supporting third party development teams globally.

Selected Investors


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